[column width=”45%” padding=”4%”]PRESS RELEASE  12 September 2011

HELMSMAN TRAWLERS® announces its line of proven, expertly-crafted mid-size trawlers ranging from 37 to 42 feet. These sturdy trawlers are designed for cruising couples and families wanting top quality, gorgeous craftsmanship, roomy interiors, and efficient, stable performance underway — all at a great price. Some Helmsman models succeed boats previously sold in regions of the U.S. under a different brand name — Helmsman launches a new brand name, a new marketing and sales program, and new designs in the North American trawler market. Helmsman’s factory in mainland China offers a wide range of options and customizations, and its skilled craftsman are experienced in building these fine yachts. Helmsman models include:  37 Express Trawler, 37 Sedan Trawler, 38 Pilothouse Trawler, 38 Double Cabin Trawler and 42 Cruiser. Practically sized, pleasingly designed, and prudently efficient, Helmsman Trawlers® are the right boats for the times.

Helmsman Trawlers® currently include special purchase incentives.

Waterline Boats, Seattle, is the Pacific Northwest Dealer for Helmsman Trawlers®. Visit Waterline Boats at 2046 Westlake Avenue N Suite 203 or call 206.282.0110 to learn more about the line of Helmsman Trawlers®.


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