Waterline Boats,

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much Marian and I are enjoying our Helmsman 38.  After our first cruising season we have come to enjoy the
boat more and more with each journey.  We have had occasion to use her planing capabilities and were pleasantly surprised at how well the boat handled the confused sea-state.  Coming from a stabilized Nordhavn 40, I find the motion of the Helmsman to be very accommodating for lots of different conditions.

The boat is really well constructed and the engine room is a delight to work in.  I really like being able to comfortably scoot around the engine and
perform all the maintenance tasks with vast amounts of elbow room.  It’s easy to service the batteries and all the running gear is equally easily accessible.

Finally, we find the flybridge to be a delight.  Operating the boat from under the bimini is really like owning a second boat, something we had
forgotten since our Nordhavn didn’t have a flybridge.  In closing I’d like to say how enjoyable it has been to work with Waterline Boats in Seattle.
Clearly you are building a business that is focused on the long run and will weather these challenging economic times by bringing innovative products and
services to an increasingly discerning customer base.  My best advice for your customers is to go now, because the one thing they aren’t making more of is time.

Thanks again,

Scott and Marian Bulger, Helmsman 38 Pilothouse, HOBOMACK

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